VoIP (Short for Voice over Internet Protocol) has become the industry standard for nearly all voice communications, but it has been a long and sometimes bumpy road from the first IP enabled phone systems until today. All-Mode's more than two decades of experience as a leading VoIP solution provider give us the foundational understanding to make sure your solution fits your needs not only on the network side, but also as a phone system.

When VoIP first came on the scene it promised lots of benefits and cost savings, but it was complicated, had quality issues, and was prone to outages. Decades later as internal networks and our connections to the public internet continue to improve VoIP reaps the benefits of that growth, along with the steady improvements and innovations of the phone systems that implement VoIP protocols. Now VoIP provides great benefits with the flexibility of a system that lets you place phones at a users house as easily as you do on their desk at your office.

At present All-Mode specializes in premise VoIP solutions from Mitel, including those systems that were brought into the fold with the acquisition of ShoreTel in 2017 which are now called Mitel MiVoice Connect.

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